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MAINTENANCE - 1 executor

Required knowledge and qualifications:
Special education:
a) degree ... SSS
b) education ...... Technical (Electrical profession, car mechanic)
- Work experience .... YES (in the field of maintenance)
- Special knowledge .... Computer skills (MS Excell, MS Word), Accuracy, punctuality, good organization, High level of responsibility, reliability, dedication, Driver’s license “B” category, ABILITIES: communication, flexibility, perseverance, creativity
- Trial run ... YES

Job description and job requirements:
- Maintenance management with the aim of ensuring uninterrupted and uninterrupted operation of the production plant.
- Compliance and control of compliance with regulations and regulations in accordance with the standards: ISO 9001: 2015, ISO 14001: 2015, which relate to maintenance.
- Management of maintenance activities - planning, creation and revision of operational plans and preventive maintenance plans in cooperation with plant managers, and implementation and analysis of their implementation.
- Deciding on the engagement of professional services, and deciding on the need to replace consumable parts of machines and devices, and to replace parts of machines and devices.
- Resolving complaints due to service interventions.
- Keeping records (maintenance records, documentation for production machines and devices, service booklets, databases that correspond to the real situation, etc.).
- Management of the state of stocks in the warehouse, the state of stocks of overhead / auxiliary material, the state of stocks of spare parts, management of entrusted funds.
- Checking the compliance of the procedure with the prescribed procedures / norms and regulations, as well as with the applicable regulations, and eliminating non-compliance.
- Keeping technical documentation, technical devices and machines, including documentation on services, checks and tests of the same.
- Organization of safety control of technical devices, in accordance with applicable regulations, performed by experts.
- Reports to superiors

Candidates are required to submit the application with a biography (CV) and other documentation in person to the headquarters of the company “SARAČEVIĆ” d.o.o. Tešanj to the address: Business Zone “Villa” No.1 or scanned documentation via e-mail address:,

In case of employment, it is obligatory to enclose:
- Medical certificates

The ad is open until the vacancy is filled. Eligible candidates will be invited for an interview, each of which will be individually informed by the employer.

Tešanj, 11/11/2020

Enes Omahić, B.Sc.